Travel Tips Part 2

I wanted to continue Monday's post and share travel tips 4, 5, and 6.

Tip #4--During hot weather travel it is important to prepare for the heat and the sun. Besides the obvious tips like wearing sunscreen and a hat, the least expensive tool is a fan. My trusty fan cost me a dollar--purchased on a hot summer day in Turkey and I have used it on five international trips. Best dollar I have ever spent on a trip. Umbrellas can also serve the dual purpose as a sun protector and as a rain shield.

Tip #5--Invest in good footwear. Every trip I buy new shoes, but I fail to really break them in before the big trip--this turns into painful blisters and foot sores the first few days of my travel. This year was no exception--however my normal foot sores were on the sides of my feet. Today it looks as though I had shackles around my ankles--not the look I was going for.

Tip #6--When you are traveling across many time zones your body clock will be really off. Always bring a few snacks with you to handle the middle of the night hunger pains. One of the ladies on my trip was not prepared for the ravenous hunger she awoke to at 3 o'clock this morning and consequently had to pay the high room service fees to satisfy her hunger. I always take instant oatmeal and trail mix or nuts--easy to pack and satisfying.

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