Travel Tips Part 1

I have arrived safely in China and I thought it would be best to share a couple of travel tips.

Tip #1 comes from Daniel Pink's This tip is to help you stay healthy while traveling. Before getting on an airplane use an anti-bacterial ointment and rub the inside of your nostril with it. This will provide you a bacteria killing barrier for all the recycled air you will be breathing.

Tip #2- Drink lots of water. This is the first day of my arrival and the jet-lag is kicking my butt, but if I drink lots of water and take it easy I will be at 100% tomorrow.

Tip #3-Make sure you have all the proper travel documents ready. Besides having your Passport and Visa, many countries require you to fill out passenger cards when you arrive at customs. When I was in India last summer every single bag needed to have a luggage tag, even my pursue. Every country is a little bit different, the key is to ask questions and be observant.

Do you have any favorite travel advice?

Krista BoivieComment