The Importance of Feedback

In a typical week I must get at least three requests to offer feedback to various companies.  At school, we give feedback to the students so they can guage their learning and see room to improve. With so many opportunities to provide feedback--why do we sometimes hesitate to be honest about our experiences?

Today, I received some surprising news about a big project I worked on earlier in the year.  The directions for the project were limited and during the first stages of completion I was told that it was excellent and so I continued the project along the same lines.  Today, we met to continue the project and I found out that what I'd done was way too complicated and confusing. I'm not sure if the people in charge of the project didn't want to hurt my feelings, but their lack of feedback and direction created a lot of unnecessary problems and will led to much more work.

Since I am feeling overwhelmed and a little frustrated I am having a hard time stepping away from the project and reevaluating it with fresh eyes--I have decided that a weekend free from thinking about it might help.

Lesson learned - always give honest feedback, it's better to be direct than waste time and money.

Krista BoivieComment