Farewell to Cake Pops

Today I sold my last cake pop. The students have been upset that they would have to say goodbye to the favorite treat.  Our school district has been attempting to implement healthier eating guidelines and so they are removing food items they deem to be outside their new guidelines.

I agree with offering healthier food choices at school, but anyone can tell you that the food available is not particularly good.  In fact, I over heard one of the cafeteria workers admit that she is ashamed to serve the food to the students.  I am not trying to start a fight about food, but as soon as I found out about the new guidlines I modified the recipe to conform to the standards.  I replaced the oil with applesauce, stopped using full eggs and now only use the egg whites, and I replaced the icing with the sugar-free variety.  Even with these changes I was shut down.  

Apparently I have to get a complete nutritional analysis on the cake pops--however, my repeated emails asking how they want me to do this have not been answered.  Until I comply with the rules I am shut down. The students keep suggesting that I start a black market cake pop business--but, the idea of selling them out of my car does not appeal to me in any way. Although they have been a great fundraiser, I can't say that I will miss the nightly dipping or the weekend baking marathons.  

Does anyone know how I would get a complete nutritional analysis of my cake pops?

Krista BoivieComment