Scaffolding Skills with Reach and Reciprocity

My bucket list is so long and it seems to grow daily--as a result I am often very scattered with my approach to projects and the learning of new skills.

Last week it was French, two weeks ago it was voice-overs, the month get the picture. If you've been following this blog for any length of time you should see a pattern of me trying all sorts of random things. This is great because the variety keeps me interested, but because I haven't spent enough time refining my new skills they aren't fully integrated into my life yet. Don't worry I am still learning French and working on voice-overs.

In his book Smart World: Breakthrough Creativity And the New Science of IdeasRichard Ogle relates that it is important when learning something new to start with core knowledge in a particular field and then venture out to learn something within that same sphere. The key is to come back and reintegrate the new info with what you already know and then venture out again, continuing this process [reach and reciprocity]. Ogle contends that with too much reciprocity you will wind up in a rut and too much reach your efforts are scattershot and fruitless (the later is what is currently plaguing me).

As the school year is quickly approaching its conclusion, I will begin my summer vacation. My goal during this time is to work on this reach and reciprocity. Building some of the new skills I have gained since January and really trying to make a better connection.

Krista BoivieComment