Rumor Has It

A few days ago, I ran into a casual acquaintance who related some very private news of mine back to me. I managed to cover my surprise, but I was terribly curious about how they had heard about my news. My information was true--just not public knowledge, and it's not the first time this has happened to me.

I am generally a very private person--shocking I know considering I write a blog! However, I am very particular with the release of my information. With the ease of social media, it feels like any information, good or bad doesn't remain private very long. Recently I have spent time reading what people are saying about me online. Most of what I have read has not been complimentary. Intellectually I know that what has been said is not true, yet I still find it difficult to ignore. I am not going to begin fighting rumors or innuendos--it would be a futile endeavor--I would just like to hope that the law of Karma will make everything right at some point.

Of course, I haven't been a saint. I have made the terrible mistake of sharing information that was not mine to share and, as a result, felt the inevitable backlash of consequences from that decision. 

How do you deal with negative feedback, criticism or rumors?

Krista BoivieComment