A Roll of the Dice

After living in Las Vegas for 10 years you would think that I have a firm grasp of all the table games.  I must confess that other than putting $21 in a megabucks machine on my 21st birthday, I have not gambled--so I know nothing of blackjack, poker or craps.

My favorite dice game however is Bunco! There are a group of ladies I go to church with that have a Bunco group that meets every month.  I am called in as a sub from time to time and I love playing.  The ladies tease me because I get uber-competitive and I stay really focused as I roll the dice. The game is super easy and given that it is a game of chance--statistically all of the women that play have the same odds of winning--the interesting thing is that out of the 7 times I have been asked to play, I have won 6 times (winning for highest score).

I wouldn't consider myself particularly lucky, but the odds seem to be consistently in my favor when I play this game.  Last evening, we had another rousing evening of Bunco playing and again I came out as the winner. The ladies were a bit perturbed that I keep winning (this might be why I haven't been invited to join them as a regular member :-) ).  The only way to score more points is to roll the dice more times. Therefore the key to my success is--I roll quickly and help the others at my table roll quicker.

Now if I could only figure out a way to roll my luck in Bunco to other areas I would be very successful.

Is there anything that you have become lucky doing?  

Krista BoivieComment