Walk the Moon - Shut Up and Dance

I really perked up when this song started playing for the first time because I am very partial to 80’s music. It is possibly my favorite era in music (50’s Doo Wop is currently running 2nd). Walk the Moonsounds like they would fit in great between Pat Benatar and Culture Club on any 80’s station and Shut Up and Dance is a peppy shot in the arm that kicks in at full speed. I was a little surprised to find that Walk the Moon is from Cincinnati as they had more of a British New Wave sound. This is the second tune of theirs I have really liked. 2012’s Anna Sun was an earworm with one of the most catchy lyrics of that year, “We’ve got no money but we’ve got heart”. Pairing that with Shut Up and Dance makes me very optimistic that this band has found it’s sweet spot and that there are many more strong pop tunes on the way. B+

Krista Boivie