Step Up All In

Running Time: 1 hour 52 minutes

Rating: PG-13


Hot on the heels of winning the competition for a Nike commercial, Sean (Ryan Guzmanconvinces his dance crew, The Mob to relocate to L.A. where stardom surely awaits them. Six months later, they have been beaten down by the constant rejection and being forced to scrape by, so the crew wants to go home to Miami. Sean refuses to give up his dream and is crushed when his crew leaves him behind. Finally, when he is at his lowest point, Sean finds out about a televised dance contest called The Vortex, where the top prize is a 3 year residency in a show at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. 

Needing a new crew to compete, Sean reaches out to his old friend Moose (Adam G. Sevaniwho calls in every dancer he knows in the area and they get to work. They will have to put aside their differences quickly if they hope to stand a chance at The Vortex. But just when things seems to be coming together, they learn that the competition may be tougher than they thought, and Sean discovers that it order to win his dream he will have to beat his friends in The Mob to do it.

Scott’s Review:

I absolutely love this movie franchise and I am not ashamed to admit it. In order for a Step Up movie to be a success I need 3 questions answered:

1. Are the dance scenes good? Yes, they are fantastic. The closing number is maybe my favorite routine of the whole series.

2. Is there decent romantic chemistry between the leads? It is good, but not great. Sometimes Briana Eviganstruggles with allowing herself to be vulnerable with her male leads, but Ryan Guzman is really working hard to melt the ice.

3. Is Moose in it? Yes he is. Adam G. Sevani has become one of my favorite things about this series. He steals Step Up 2, owns Step Up 3D and barely having him in Step Up Revolution hurts it a lot. 

The other thing I appreciated about Step Up All In is that it brought back so many of my favorites. Mari KodaChristopher ScottStephen “Twitch” Bossand Alyson Stoner are all brilliant dancers with charisma to spare and their inclusion in these movies makes them what they are. It is hard not to miss some of the other alumni, but this flick is loaded with talent.  There are some plot holes, and not all of the acting is great, but it is easy to set that aside and enjoy the ride. B

Krista Boivie