90 - Day Challenge

In 90 days I will be headed to Jordan as a participant in a Fulbright-Hays Groups Project Study Abroad to learn about the Middle East. The trip will last over four weeks and will be the longest time I’ve spent abroad.  I am looking forward to the trip for many reasons, but one of my favorite parts of foreign travel is the separation I have from most mass media and the time to simplify my life because my daily distractions have been eliminated.

This past school year has been especially hectic for a number of reasons:  new position, new teaching subject, and new leadership role. Needless to say, I have been overwhelmed and stressed—plus I haven’t done any blogging. Before my big trip, I have three additional trips planned, state testing at school, the end of my classes, hiring new teachers for my department, professional development, curriculum writing and a move to look forward to. 

To help focus my life and help bring balance in the ensuing madness of the upcoming months, I’ve decided to give myself a 90-day challenge that focuses on my mind, body and spirit.   

I will be blogging weekly to keep me accountable for the challenge and to report what I've learned about the process.

Each day the goal is to complete two events in each of the three categories:

To some it might seem like madness to add more to my to-do list when the next few months are already busy—but that is the purpose of the challenge--will I be able to find the elusive balance?

What do you do to bring balance in your life when you are stressed?

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