What Did You Expect?

Did you log onto your computer earlier today with the expectation of finding a new post on the Wannabe? Did you look for the regularly scheduled link on Facebook or Twitter? I know that Krista expected to be able to open her laptop in Illinois and be able to post your long-awaited photos from her recent China trip. Personally, I expected to open up my laptop tonight and compose my 2nd guest post for the Wannabe without a hitch. 

For the life of me, I couldn't remember how to login to the site. Expectation + expectation not being met = frustration. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with frustration, to be honest, "expectations" was to be the topic of tonight's short post, anyway.

Random writer and world citizen Eli Khamarov has this to say about the concept: "the best things in life are unexpected, because there were no expectations." I completely agree with him! You will see this from a text message I will transcribe here later, and then I will let you return to your lives already in progress. 

It's a nice thought, this idea of not having expectations. It's far more difficult to overcome our expectations in the midst of the daily grind. Krista and I are about to return to a new school year. No matter how pure our intentions, expectations are hard to avoid. 

Take a gander at the text exchange:

?: YESSS! That is good!

OGT: NO EXPECTATIONS. That's my motto. 

?: I believe that has become mine, too. 

OGT: It has to be. Otherwise it's just a game of comparisons. 

?: Painful comparisons. 

OGT: Yes. 

(Three hours later)

OGT: Can I quote this text message for tomorrow's wannabe blog?

?: Yes. 

OGT: Sweet! I would prefer not to identify you, due to the VERY REMOTE possibility that someone you know will see the word "painful" and suddenly become creepily over-concerned about you. 

?: Lol. Good plan. 

So that's what we had to say about it. 

For my part, the idea of not having expectations means being open-minded about situations. To me, it definitely doesn't mean I shouldn't hold myself or my students to the highest standards. I think it is possible to reside in both realms. 

As an example, you may all have high expectations for the China photos. We have seen the teaser post, and the samples are quite impressive! 

Now, to end with the traditional Wannabe thinking question:

How do you react when your expectations don't match the reality of a situation?

About the Guest Blogger: Tiffany L. Hendrix, or "GeoTrix" for her Single Girl's Guide to Impending Apocalypse blog, has published articles and essays in Transitions Abroadmagazine, Abroad View magazine and Secret Sisters (Freeman and Windmeyer, eds.).She also currently acts as a travel contributor for experts123.comShe has enjoyed guest-hosting like-minded blog readers here on the Wannabe. You may follow this Las Vegas-based wannabe on twitter @OriginalGeoTrix. 

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