Vegas Goodbye...Week 3

I was so productive in week three that I didn't want to stop working on my side projects to go out and about the city, but I broke down, braved the heat and off I went, and I am very glad that I did.

This week I visited the Mob Museum.

Location: 300 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (ticket prices are $10 for locals, $20 for adults)

The Mob Museum is spectacular.  It was one of the most enjoyable small museums that I have visited in years.  I loved the variety of the interactive and learning exhibits.  It is housed in the old courthouse/post office down town, and the location and building add to the character of the experience. Each of the various exhibits details the life of mob history in the United States.  I had been expecting the Mob Museum to just focus on Las Vegas mobsters, but it is much larger in scope which kept it interesting for me.  My friend Jen and I visited on a Thursday afternoon and there were just enough people to move through the displays without incident.  I think that kids 13+ would enjoy the museum; there were some displays that had very graphic images along with some crude language, so it is not the type of place I would bring younger children.  It really is a great learning experience and would highly recommend that you visit.

Now for the food...

  • Restaurant:  Lotus of Siam
  • Location: 953 E. Sahara, Suite A5, Las Vegas 
  • Ordered: Fried Wontons (appetizer), Chicken Pad Thai, Duck Curry

Review: I am rarely disappointed with Thai food and after about 10 different people recommended that I try Lotus of Siam, I knew I had to include it on my list of restaurants to visit.  Jen and I visited it after our trip to the Mob Museum and I quickly saw what all the hoopla was for.  Although the location is not at all convenient to me, the food was spectacular.  The pad Thai was so delicious, if not the best, I've ever had. Jen ordered the duck curry and it was not too spicy for me and had a nice, rich flavor.  I enjoyed it so much that I might have to eat here one more time before I leave. The service is also spectacular.

  • Restaurant:  Brio Tuscan Grille
  • Location: 420 South Rampart, Las Vegas (...this is a nation wide chain restaurant)
  • Ordered: Bruschetta Quattro (appetizer), Pasta Verona, Shrimp Mediterranean

Review: I didn't realize I had eaten at Brio until after I arrived.  Oh well, it has been more than a year and I didn't remember much of the first experience.  This was not because the food wasn't good, but I didn't eat anything, I was only there for a brief meeting, and I only had a soda and bread.  Brio has excellent Italian food that is full of flavor. My favorite dish was the bruschetta and I would have been perfectly happy not to eat anything else and just savor the delicious selection.  The pasta was cooked to my dente. I notice that some Italian restaurants often overcook the pasta and I was pleased that this was not the case.  Considering that this is a large chain restaurant, I would have been shocked if it had been terrible.  The decor and settings made it feel like the wealthier cousin to the Olive Garden with a much larger selection.