Starting and Stopping

For the past five years I have been working on a project--I know it's a ridiculously long time to not get a project finished. I have kept starting and stopping the project because it is so dense and I want it to be awesome and the fear of imperfection has been blocking me. 

During Spring Break I had planned to get it finished, but with my crashed hard drive I had to push back the completion date. This past week I decided to start it again and was making great strides until last night my file got corrupted and I had to start it a third time. As I was beginning to get frustrated I realized that I just had to laugh it off. There is no one to blame but myself. This was also an unrecognized opportunity to actually do the project correctly. The two previous starts I had been taking short cuts that would have extended my work in the long run and created big headaches for me. 

I have a hard ship date of June 30 and I am confident that I will finally get this monkey off my back and that I'll be really proud of the finished project.

I have read extensively about productivity and getting work accomplished and a common theme is to ride the momentum. When focusing on a project or task if you concentrate on meeting your goals and achieving small wins along the way, the consistent momentum will help you get the project finished. I wish I would've used this strategy more on this project. 

Once the project is all finished I will share the end result.

Do you have a never-ending project?

Krista BoivieComment