Project Purgatory

As a wannabe, I often start many projects because I have interest in a variety of areas.  When I start a new project and it becomes more laborious or difficult to complete my interest often radically diminishes. Sometimes I get around to finishing the project; however, most of the time that project exists in a perpetual state of purgatory.  

Project purgatory makes me feel guilty--guilty that I haven't motivated myself to finish the project, guilty that I have 'given up', but mostly guilty that I haven’t succeeded or failed. I am a results driven individual and when my projects are in purgatory I don’t get the satisfaction of completion.

I am aiming to liberate a few of my purgatory projects and I keep debating which project to start with or if I should just drop them forever and begin 2013 with a clean slate and fresh ideas.

Have you experienced project purgatory? How do you liberate your projects and get them completed? How do you decide when to drop a project?