Ode to the Olympics

My first memory of any Olympic games was the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. My father was a huge fan and would talk about the fact that he dreamed of being a volunteer at the Olympics. Four years later his dream came true when the winter games were held in Calgary. 

My brothers think I am unusual because I generally care nothing for sports, but as soon as the Olympics come around I become fanatical. I hibernate during the two weeks watching the coverage and reading the human interest stories of the athletes. I know my love of the Olympics was due to my fathers love, but it has continued as I have become fascinated with global culture and world history. To me the Olympics are the epitome of what it means to come together. I root for the athletes more than the countries--I just want everyone to do their best.

The only negative thing about my current trip to China is that I have essentially missed the entire Olympics. Sure, I've caught the odd match on Chinese television and I have read about the metal counts--but it is not the same thing. I didn't know how much I would miss listening to the commentary of the announcers and the little facts and details they include with the coverage and the heart-warming human interest stories. I will not schedule international travel during the Olympics again, unless I am attending them.

Because I am dying to know more about the Olympics, tell me what has been your favorite story of these games. What do I need to watch when I get home next week?

Krista BoivieComment