How to increase your mental capacity

I loved this recent article from the New York Times which lists the benefits of exercise. Now this is not your normal article that lists all the normal health benefits (ie: weight loss, muscle gain, etc.), but it focuses on the increased mental capacity that is earned from regular exercise.

The brain, like all muscles and organs, is a tissue, and its function declines with underuse and age. Beginning in our late 20s, most of us will lose about 1 percent annually of the volume of the hippocampus, a key portion of the brain related to memory and certain types of learning. Exercise though seems to slow or reverse the brain’s physical decay, much as it does with muscles.

Working out has never been my idea of fun and I have struggled with committing to a regular exercise plan. Even though I know exercise is good for me to improve my health--that argument alone has never been compelling enough to change my habits.

I found this article so persuasive because its logic resonates with the part of my body I care most about--my mind. In the last few years, I have noticed a decrease in my recall and overall memory and I want to stop any more memory loss.  I plan to test this theory and see if I notice any increased mental abilities --of course the other health benefits will be nice as well.

What helps you get motivated to exercise? 

Krista BoivieComment