Hot and Sweaty

If I had my druthers I would never travel during the summer, because summer travel brings its own set of obstacles--hot weather. During the last two weeks I sweated through my clothes every single day. This has led to multiple showers and extra clothes washing. I don't mind sweating when I am working out, but while traveling it just makes you feel yucky and look terrible.

China has been especially hot and humid this summer, but from all the reports I have heard it seems as though this has been a common phenomenon everywhere this year. I have been amazed that the women here have looked so stylish and yet remain impervious to the weather.

It can be difficult to remain properly hydrated when the weather is so hot. I have been traveling with my nephew and our visit to the Great Wall turned disastrous when the hot weather and dehydration caught up with him. Most of the trip i have been the annoying Aunt who kept reminding him to drink his water, put his sunscreen on, etc. Unfortunately his memory of the Great Wall will be of Chinese people taking pictures of him while he was vomiting--not what he had planned. 

Although I have already reported on my top 10 travel tips I can't stress enough about making sure you stay healthy and hydrated while traveling in the summer. The normal 8-10 cups of water is not nearly enough to counteract the sweating and increased activity of travel--you should increase your intake by at least 2-4 cups of water. I would add drinking Gatorade or other electrolyte water if you are sweating heavily.

I hope you remain healthy and hydrated during the last month of summer.

Krista BoivieComment