Here's to 2014

At the beginning of 2013 I had decided the theme for the year would be organization, health and fitness, and to be more adventuresome.

So what were my results?

I ended up spending three weeks this summer scanning files, organizing photos and cleaning out my hard drive—but this is a project that will take me much longer to finish.  Health and fitness—I was 2 lbs lighter by the end of 2013 than in the beginning, a small victory, but not a roaring success. As for having new adventures, I did manage to see a lot of Vegas before I moved, and I ate at many delicious restaurants.  The really big adventure was my move to Texas.  I am still having mini-adventures as I navigate new friendships, directions and a new culture.

Now onto 2014 what is my direction for this year?

First, I will be returning to more consistent posting.  I guarantee at least twice a month and if I’m feeling inspired perhaps three posts.


I want to move on a daily basis that is intentional and positive.  I have started doing workouts with Erin S. at Shrink Session and I love them.  She combines meditation, positive thinking and exercise.  It is a good combination and exactly what I need to develop a healthier self-image.


I am going to give my portrait photography business the energy and time it needs to be functional.  My intention is to photograph at least 50 women.  Currently my biggest roadblock is finding suitable location for pictures, but I am sure I will solve it soon.


Although I have a few blogs and other avenues in which I write, I have always been terrible at consistently keeping a diary.  This year, I have implemented a two prong approach to record my life.  First, I am using  The site sends me a daily email asking what I did today, and I simply respond to the email. 

The second prong is a one-sentence journal. Each day I record one sentence about my day.  I am focusing this sentence on blessings and gratitude. I have successfully used both approaches each day, and I am excited to keep the momentum going. 

As a lifelong wannabe, there are hundreds of other little things I want to accomplish this year.  However, I don't want to lose sight of my three main goals.  I love the start of a the new year and the prospect of working towards being an even better version of myself. 

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