Getting to 100

I offered up a challenge to myself to make a list of 100 skills or talents.  For the past few weeks I have been in a funk due to some setbacks and disappointments and I thought this would be a good way to bring me out of my funk.  

Before I started the challenge I had to ask myself "Is is bragging to come up with 100 things you are skilled or talented in?"  I felt a little conflicted and even though no one was around to see the list or comment on it--I still had feelings of pride creep up on me.

The first fifty on my list took me about thirty minutes to complete, but coming up with the last fifty took me more than 24 hours.  I tried to be thorough and look at the various aspects of my life (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) to create my list--until I got to the end of the list and I almost added things like pumping gas and walking.  I didn't add them--but I considered it because I was stuck. After a conversation with my mom, I was able to come up with remaining skills to reach 100.  

I really enjoyed the challenge I strongly encourage my readers to do this as well.  I felt stronger and more accomplished.  Completing this challenge helped me acknowledge that I have a lot more going for me than I realized. 

I plan on keeping the list handy--so as I learn new skills or reawaken skills/talents that have gone dormant I can add to it.

Krista BoivieComment