Excuse Me For a Minute...

...while I complain.  

I find that the more time I spend with people who complain, the more I want to complain. The problem with complaining is that it usually just turns into a venting session and has almost nothing to do with problem solving. It can be cathartic to get things off my chest, however, it usually just puts me in a foul mood.

My nature is all about getting things done and the more I indulge myself in negative thinking the less effective I am. Complaining about things that are beyond our control (like the weather or traffic) is completely useless and can create a cycle of dissatisfaction. However we can channel our complaints to improve our life, such as correcting customer service errors or correcting problems in a relationship. I know when I effectively manage complaints that are within my control I usually feel liberated and self-assured.

What do you do to effectively channel your dissatisfaction?

Krista BoivieComment