Always be Prepared

Like the Boy Scouts I believe in always being prepared.  My purse is usually laden down with a variety of "must have" items that of course rarely get used.  At home I have an endless supply of random things that might get used one of these days.  My need to feel prepared was instilled at a young age. Growing up we always had a huge garden, storage room full of a year's supply of food and massive water and other storage barrels.

Some have predicted that the world will end in 2012, and even though I don't believe it is true, I still have been trying to take more steps to be prepared in case of emergency.

My good friend Tiffany has been blogging about the impending apocalypse all year and I have learned a few tips should the end come soon.  This past Saturday, Tiffany and I met for our annual Cinco de Mayo dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas.  In addition to celebrating the Mexican victory over the French we also exchanged gifts and celebrated our mutual birthdays that occurred last week.  I found it amusing that both of us had the same idea with our gifts--the apocalypse. 

Tiffany gave me this fantastic backpack full of useful/stimulating items should the end come soon and my gift was something very similar--just not quite so fun.

How prepared are you for a disaster?