Creating Products

Now that I have decided to begin selling some of my teacher resources and lesson plans, I've begun to realize just how much of what I do in the classroom is only a small deviation from free materials I have either found online or were shared from another teacher.  Very few of my lessons are 100% original creations.

So, if you have been wondering why there are so few products for sell on my website, it is because I am very cautiously going through my teaching materials and trying to pull together lessons that don't infringe on anyone else's intellectual property or copyrights.  It is a slow process.  

I know the benefit of purchasing already made lesson plans is not for the uniqueness of the material, but just the convenience of having everything all put together and designed in a way that can be easily and quickly implemented within the classroom.  My desire is that each product I sell, reflects everything I personally desire in a good lesson (high rigor, quality questioning, engaging activities and easy to use materials).

If you have requests, questions or even suggestions of lessons or materials you would like, please let me know as I slowly continue to release my products.