The Forgotten

David Baldacci is gifted in this ability to craft a tale full or suspense and intrigue.  I have read all his books, and consequently I am always excited when I see he has another book released.  The Forgotten is the second book in the John Puller series and picks up shortly after the end of Zero Day (the first in the Puller series). Puller is still reeling from what happened, when he discovers an odd letter from his aunt he decides to take a trip to Florida to visit her.  In true Puller fashion, within hours of his arrival to Paradise, Florida, he discovers that his aunt is dead, has gotten into a few fights, been arrested and stumbled upon a murder.

The Forgotten is a fairly straightforward story. Early in the book I had figured out the secrets of most of our key players and so I just relaxed into the story.  Baldacci of course does save a few surprises for the end, and consequently, the story's conclusion was not as simple as I originally expected.  As a whole,  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, but it wasn't nearly as gripping and tense as Zero Day.  Zero Day was one of Baldacci's most exciting novels, with its shocking story line and surprising twists. I had been hoping for a similar experience with The Forgotten, and it was not there.  As a whole, The Forgotten, is a solid B-.

Krista Boivie