Sleep by Allen Stone

From the opening line of this song, “Spend my nights howlin’ at the moon” I knew I liked it. Allen Stone refers to himself as a hippie with soul, and this song has soul down to its toes. Sleep combines a pulsating, head-nodding rhythm with some Motown-style swing to the lyrics. Stone has a very distinctive rasp to his voice that gives it more personality, and the fact that he starts the song at almost a whisper helps to pull your attention in to the music. As the pace of the music builds, Stone puts more and more force behind his vocals and by the end, Sleep is a fully formed good time. In particular, I really liked the originality in the lyrics, including, “I can feel it on the ends of my fingers, taste it on the tips of my teeth”. With a running time of only two minutes and twenty six seconds, Sleep is over before you know it. As a fan of this type of throwback R+B/Soul I hope that Allen Stone has only scratched the surface of what he is capable of with this track.

Krista Boivie