I, Frankenstein

Running Time: 1 hour 33 min

Rating: PG-13


After the death of his creator, Frankenstein’s Monster (Aaron Eckhart) is attacked by Demons sent by Prince Naberius (Bill Nighy), who hopes that by studying the creature he may unlock the secrets of re-animating the dead. This draws Frankenstein into a shadow war that has waged for centuries between Demons and the protectors of mankind, the Gargoyles. As the conflict between the two sides escalates and the ranks of the Gargoyles continues to dwindle in the face of the Demon onslaught, Frankenstein may be the only one who can turn the tide and save the human race that has shunned him his whole life.

Scott’s Review:

I am sad to report that this is just an awful movie. From the nonsensical plot to the terrible effects and the general malaise of the cast, there wasn’t much redeeming about I, Frankenstein. Maybe if I was familiar with the graphic novel this is based on I wouldn’t have found the story so ridiculous, but without that knowledge the movie just got more and more ludicrous. After around 30 minutes I couldn’t stop myself from audibly laughing every time a character said “Gargoyle Queen”. Eckhart was sleepwalking through his role with a plastered-on grimace and delivering all of his lines with a grunt, which made you feel like he was having just as lousy a time making this as you had watching it. Even Nighy who is one of my favorite actors, couldn’t inject any malicious glee into his part as a scheming Demon Prince.

The bright spots were few and far between, but chief among them was Jai Courtney, who plays Gabriel, the leader of the Gargoyle forces. I think he has gotten better every time I have seen him in a film and your eye went to him whenever he was on screen due to his intensity. I also thought a lot of the concepts for the weapons and costumes of the Gargoyle soldiers were cool, but other than that, the look of the movie was drab, grimy and uninspired. For the second week in a row a legendary character got less than he deserved on the big screen and I, Scott give I, Frankenstein a D+. 

Krista Boivie