Grown Ups 2

Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Running Time:  1 hour 41 minutes

Rating:  PG-13


Three years after Grown Ups, Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler), has relocated his family to his childhood hometown.  Lenny spends the last day before summer break, hanging out with his friends.  As he tries to teach his children some life lessons, Lenny and the guys learn some of their own.

Krista's Review: 

An Adam Sandler movie is reliably consistent in many ways.  First, the men always play juvenile versions of themselves.  Second, women are typically objectified. Third, the humor will always target the lowest common denominator.  Knowing these things, I shouldn't be upset by Grown Ups 2, yet I was.  Sure there was the odd time when I did laugh, but I found the misogynistic, homophobic, and bathroom humor to be tasteless.  If you are a fan of Adam Sandler than I am sure you will enjoy this, but I am not, and therefore this movie did nothing for me. D

Scott’s Review:          

One of the reasons I liked the original Grown Ups film was because it is a pretty accurate take on male friendships, especially ones that have lasted for years. The banter felt authentic and no matter how crass or insulting the guys got with one another, you knew that they still cared. Grown Ups 2 still manages to create some of that feeling and deliver a lot of laughs, but I didn’t feel like there was any real warmth in this film when the warmth was the best part of the original. Grown Ups 2 makes a mistake by separating the husbands from the wives and the parents from the children for the bulk of the movie, because that is what elevated the first one.

Chris RockAdam SandlerDavid Spade and Kevin James wander off together and spend the day encountering all of the town’s wacky inhabitants (goofy cops, aggressively macho frat boys, bitter ex-rivals from high school and the burnout school bus driver), and randomly silly situations (co-ed car wash, ballet recital and 80’s party). The first film had a real story and a message about family whereas this film seemed like Adam Sandler wanted a movie studio to pay him to goof around with his buddies for a summer. Grown Ups 2 has laughs, but no heart. C+ 

Krista Boivie