Flight Facilities - Sunshine (feat. Reggie Watts)

Alt-comedy fans will recognize the name Reggie Watts long before they recognize the name Flight Facilities. From his numerous appearances on Conan to his co-hosting duties on Comedy Bang! Bang! Reggie has become known as a musical wizard who can create wildly original songs at the drop of a hat using just his voice, a keyboard and an 8 track. Teaming with Australian producing duo Flight Facilities has resulted in this bouncy trifle of a song, but the magic of Reggie Watts is in the unpredictability of seeing him work in the moment. Watts has a rich tone to his voice and he can leap into a really crisp falsetto, but these are incredibly pedestrian lyrics he is working with. Sunshine is apparently about a guy, his baby, the dancefloor and, of course, sunshine (all of which seem to be making him very happy). Don’t worry if you miss them the first time because you will be hearing those words A LOT. I had to listen to it a half dozen times to write this review, because almost immediately upon its conclusion I couldn’t remember what it sounded like. This seems to be meant to whet the audience’s appetite for Flight Facilities debut album Down to Earth, but for their sake, I hope there is something more substantial on that record than this, or all anyone will remember is the aftertaste. C-

Krista Boivie