Closer by Tegan and Sara

In some form or other, identical twin sisters Tegan and Sara have been making music together since they were fifteen years old. They are an Indie group that hails from Canada and after an already long career they seem to be finally getting some mainstream attention here in the US. Closer is a pretty good synth-pop song that wouldn’t have sounded out of place during the rise of New Wave music in the 80’s. That is not to say that this song feels dated, it just helps remind me of what might be my favorite era of music. Tegan and Sara blend their voices together very well and there are some interwoven effects in the backing track that make the music sound fresh, even with its retro style. This is the first offering from Tegan and Sara that has really worked for me, and it makes me curious as to whether or not they have made a conscious decision to become more broadly radio-friendly, like Liz Phair a few years before. If so, I will be sure to keep tabs on them, but in the meantime, you should give Closer a listen.

Krista Boivie