All About It - Face off

This week I’m all about the SyFy Network show Face Off. This is a reality competition show where aspiring prosthetic make-up artists compete to see who can create the most original and detailed characters and make-up effects. Each week they are given challenges and then their work is judged by a trio of experts, including three time Oscar-winning make-up artist Ve Neill, the owner of Optic Nerve Studios Glenn Hetrick, and prolific Concept Artist and Lead Creature Designer Neville Page.

What you see on Face Off is absolutely unique, because the contestants are required to come up with a character backstory and design concept and go from inception to execution in around three days. Every single thing that they create is made by their own two hands and a lot of it is truly fantastic.

Some of my favorite challenges of the show have included creating characters from Alice in Wonderland in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse, creating elemental demons, designing original superheroes for DC Comics, and making a character who would fit in the world of Dr. Seuss. 

The contestants are real artists who must sketch, sculpt and paint all while working against the clock. Most of the things you see them make on Face Off would be best suited to Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies and TV shows, which are possibly my favorite genres. Seeing the incredible amount of work and creativity it takes to bring those characters and worlds to life makes me appreciate them even more. Many reality competition shows feature contestants who are more interesting than they are talented, but that is not the case with Face Off. These people are very, very skilled and driven to design things that will impress the judges. It is a fun and immersive hour of television and I recommend it to everyone.

Krista Boivie