The Hindsight Awards / by Krista Boivie

I have always wannted to be an actress.  I grew up in a talented community where most of the kids took piano, dancing or singing classes.  Every year there were festival competitions and community theater productions.  I loved being on stage.  I never really cared much for lead roles--I just loved being part of the production.

If I hadn't been so concerned with getting a "marketable" degree in college I would have studied theater and acting.  As it is, this is still just a huge wannabe dream to one day be a part of a movie, broadway or television production (in any capacity).

My wannabe feelings always arise when watching the rounds of awards shows that crop up every year.  I went to my brother's house last evening and watched the Oscars. The Oscars have gotten more and more predictable over the last few years, with very few surprises.  We spent most of the broadcast lamenting the fact that great commercial or comedic movies are rarely recognized because they aren't artisticenough.  

Thursday on, Virginia Postrel prosed a way to increase viewership to the Oscars and make the whole evening more exciting.  Her two solutions, live voting and a hindsight category.  With the hindsight category movies that were overlooked would be given a second chance and then voted on during the event.

I know some of my favorite movies like "The Princess Bride" and "The Waitress " have never won any awards and yet they are great films.

What movies do you think deserve to be considered for a hindsight Oscar?