Research Mondays: Wannabe or Winner? / by Krista Boivie

I was reading a blog last week and the author was giving away a planning guide for the new year. She used the phrase "exercises like this are what separates the wannabes from the winners". Wannabe or Winner. I want a wannabe to equal winner.

I don't want people to think that because I have embraced the idea that I am a wannabe that I have resigned myself to look at the world while others take action. In fact, I want to emphatically state that this is the opposite of why I created this blog. I see being a wannabe as a desire to seekout and attempt to try new things. I never want to limit my options in careers and skill development.

Daniel H. Pink states in his book  A Whole New Mind (I will be sharing more insights from this book in later posts) that the most prevalent prefix today is multi. "Our jobs require multitasking. Our communities are multicultural. Our entertainment is multimedia." He goes on to say that people who are successful today can operate in a variety of realms. He calls these people "boundary crossers", but I like to think of them as skilled wannabes. "They develop expertise in multiple spheres, they speak different languages, and they find joy in the rich variety of human experiences. They live multi lives—because that’s more interesting and, nowadays, more effective."

I am attempting to live a multi life.  Are you?