Visions of Prague

I traveled to Prague in May with my graduate cohort to learn about Czech human resource practices and to expand my global business acumen. The trip, which lasted a week, was incredible. I enjoyed getting to know more about my classmates, I loved wandering this gorgeous city, and I was able to expand my photography skills.

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Who's Ready to Compete?

At the end of February, my case competition team and I competed against other HR programs at The Ohio State University’s - HR Case Competition. Spoiler Alert, our team did not win--for this reason, I have waited to write this post, until I could distance myself from the sting of disappointment and more objectively reflect on the experience.

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Krista Boiviegrad school
Awards Season

I was presented with the 2018 Texas Humanities Teacher of the Year Award. The award is given by the Texas Affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and they recognize 15 outstanding teachers in the state. I found out I had won the award my last day of school in May and because I knew I was leaving teaching to return to graduate school, I wasn’t sure if I was still going to get the award.

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Krista Boivieawards, teaching
Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

One of the books I received this year for Christmas, is called the Book of Beautiful Questions by Warren Berger.  It is a fascinating read, and although I haven’t finished it yet, it is already making me question my assumptions.  For example, I am someone that traditionally has relied on my gut to make quick decisions (sometimes life changing decisions).  Berger relates that there is a growing body of research that states that trusting our gut is not the best decision due to our inherent biases, decision-making pitfalls, and our sometimes irrational risk aversion.  Berger’s recommendation is to use self-questioning as a way to make more balanced decisions.

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Please Choose Me

The real purpose of this post is to discuss the lows and highs of the recruiting process. This process is designed to place us in summer internships. One of the reasons I chose this program is because they have 100% placement rate for internships and job placement after graduation. If I was going to leave a secure and successful career, I needed a direct path to employment.

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Krista Boiviesch, grad school
Back to School

For the past twelve years, I was the teacher returning to school, anxious to meet my new students and ready to engage and challenge them.  Its been bittersweet watching all the photos this year because it has made me miss my students and school.

I've known since the end of January that I wasn't going to be returning to the classroom this fall and you might think that after 8 months I would have come to terms with that decision, but change is hard and even though I embrace change, I am struggling with this one.

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